Welcome to Brisbane

conference performance

Featuring a cast of over 30 local actors, dancers and performers, the ‘Welcome to Brisbane” conference performance is a feast to the eye and ear. Supported by state of the art Multimedia and a high-energy soundtrack, this very exciting show takes a look at what makes Brisbane the amazing and diverse place it is today.

Original, entertaining and very Brisbane guest go on a journey from back yard barbies to the booming construction industry. From the ballerinas to four-wheel-drives. From a dance floors to dolphins. Welcome to Brisbane encapsulates the vibrant, dynamic and innovative city that it is. Visiting delegates or guests will be so glad they have come the Brisbane for their conference and any locals watching pretty dam proud as well.

This piece was commissioned for the 9th Annual Steadfast Convention in 2006 and adapted for the Opening of the Asia Pacific Cities Summit in 2007. Performances can be written for all towns and cities.

“On behalf of the city of Brisbane, I would like to offer my sincere thanks to you and the Way Out Theatreworks team. The hard work, effort and flexibility of your staff ensured delegates had an enjoyable time and made their trip to Brisbane more memorable. The ‘Welcome to Brisbane’ presentation helped make the 2007 Asia and Pacific Cities Summit a great success”

Lord Mayor Campbell Newman. Brisbane, Queensland. Australia

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