Battle of the Generations

Some things never change

entertainment for conferences

“Some things never change” is a 5 min insightful and hilarious performance about how the different generations cope with change. Ideal entertainment for conferences.

The technological advancements of the late twentieth and early twenty-first centuries are nothing less than mind-boggling. Each generation, from the good old Baby Boomer, with his computer illiterate ways, through the Generation Xer’s of the 80’s and 90’s to the wireless Generation Y have had to cope with constant change. Will it ever end?

This short, high energy performance takes us on a light-speed tour of the last 40 years and looks at how each generation handles the technical changes that the next generation brings. It exposes our unfortunate human trait of complacency and takes a light-hearted look at our deep-seated fear of change.  When “Barry the Baby Boomer”, “Jenny X” and the young upstart from the “Y” generation are all expected to work together. Will it all work out, or will it end in technical disaster.  This piece was commissioned for the Meetings & Events National Conference 2006 to support the key note speaker Corbin Ball.

Ideal entertainment for conferences.

We engaged Way Out Theatreworks to help bring the WOW factor to our
Central Council Conference and that they certainly did! The ‘Cabaret’ theme of
our Corporate Dinner was just wonderful with fantastic entertainment.
Again, we received the comment that it was the best Central Council we had ever had!
It is great to work with you and the team Monique!
Mary Carroll, Liberal National Party

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